Quachavious Ellison | The artist Qnova is a recording artist, hair stylist, nailtech, and make natural soaps and candle

Follow your dreams. Remember, in dreams, you are the designer and creator. You have the ability To MANIPULATE them.

You don’t need anyone to validate you.. Make yourself official through your actions!! You are your blue check, literally!

The most powerful and compatible PC… Persistent and Consistent… Can’t find that in stores, it’s within you.

Stay in Character and never switch RoleS.

My best trait is not being perfect… I’m not trying to be

Only give energy where it’s deserved

For every genre of music, there’s a different “place” it takes me.

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Facts about Qnova

 Get to know me

-introducing Qnova-

interesting factS about ME 

Qnova the artist, look beatiful in the sun with neon colors

Q N o v a

First, I would like to thank God for giving me the passion to create. When I say "create," I'm insinuating that there are a few more artistic things that I partake in. This includes being a nail-tech, musical artist, candle & soap maker, digital designer, & hair stylist. I enjoy doing these things and they are my businesses. On this page, I share my most honest thoughts & opinions, what my name (Qnova) stands for, what I like/dislike, and more. 

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Qnova the artist takes gorgeous nature photoshoot

Music is Me

Since a child, music has always been an inspiration. It gives me the opportunity to express my feelings, thoughts, opinions, and overall "self." I came from a harsh environment and when I perform my music, you can hear it in my voice that I didn’t come to play. Writing music was my escape. Additionally, I enjoy listening to multiple genres because each genre has its own significant ability in giving me some sort of positive vision and vibes. For every genre of music, there’s a different “place” It takes me.


Qnova the artist has an outdoor fashion photo in nature

The Meaning of My name qnova & How i came up with it

When it comes to being an artist, uniqueness is a strong factor. It helps with standing out. I wanted to create a name that matches me as an individual. I incorporated the first letter from my biological name, which my mother gave me, so I utilized the letter "Q" from Quachavious. Secondly, I am a creative talented star, which makes me a nova. A nova is a star showing a sudden large increase in brightness. 
I am Qnova.

Qnova the artist, takes fashion photo with vivid colors on Krog Street in Atlanta

Things that i enjoy the most

  • One of the first things that people ask others, is "what's your favorite color?"  If you ask me, I'll simply say, “I have no favorite color.” This is because I love all the colors. From the darkest to the lightest shades of colors, I appreciate them all. 
  • I enjoy nature, both, on land and the skies. I enjoy looking at nature because it is one of the most beautiful sights to me. Every morning, I step outdoors before starting my day. The energy is magnificent.
  • I love to write music, draw & paint realistic images, and spending time with love ones. 

Qnova the artist has a beautiful colorful photoshoot on Krog Street in Atlanta

Things i less enjoy

  • Everyone has to make an earning and I respect that. However, personally, I would not feel comfortable with song-writers writing my lyrics. I feel as though artists are stripped from their unique creativity and style. I love to express my own style.
  • I have a phobia of dogs (mainly large dogs). In my mind, they’re going to bite me. How ironic because I love animals. 
  • Sometimes, I’ll stop for fast-food. In reality, I’d rather eat at a place where I can see my food being cooked in front of me as well as beverages being  prepared. I’m comfortable having the advantage of seeing my food being prepared in front of me. I'm hesitant about eating food and drinking beverages that I didn't see being prepared for me. If not, I'm constantly checking everything. I’m constantly thoroughly checking through every section of my meal. Not to mention, smelling it. Another phobia!
Qnova the artist shows off her fashion and unique style

What Makes Me Different & stand out From Other Artists

This is the number one question that artists are asked during interviews. I believe that all artists starts off by being excited and “want” to make it in the music industry however, what makes me different is my story. Anyone can become an artist but, the story behind my upbringing and how I see the world makes me stand out because we all interpret and see things differently. Therefore, we think, and do things differently. Things such as the experiences that I’ve encountered along the way, for example. Also, depending on our stories, an artist ambition and dedication will be different from the next artist. Also, the type of music we prefer to produce (conscious music, hardcore, pain music etc), our image, style & rhythm. My story is what makes me different.

Qnova the artist show off on a huge stage in front of hundreds of people at Atlanta's popular showcase

Embarrassing stage moment

I would say that tripping up and nearly falling on stage was an embarrassing moment for me. I think I "played" it off well. The stage had a small crack in it and out of all things, my stiletto heel just so happen to stumble inside of it. Not to mention, I'm a clumsy person anyway. After tripping-up, I  played-it-off by acting like it was apart of a dance. I had to think fast, plus I was in front of a huge crowd. What did I do? Well, what do you think I did! When I stumbled, I landed in a position where it looked like I was going to twerk (I know y’all, smh),  and kept singing and rapping. Oh let me not forget, I stumbled toward the right side, so naturally, one leg went the opposite way (crazy). I think I played-it-off well because my team didn't “catch” that and never brought  it to my attention. Instead, I told them about it. After seeing the video, we laughed. What’s tops it off is that I actually won a trophy for best lyrics and performance. Maybe stumbling had helped me win the "MC" trophy that night.

Qnova the artist really loves fashion

Being a music artist •Hosting my own rap battles •becoming a hair stylist/nail tech

If you truly know me, then you'll know that I love all aspects of art. Additional to music, I recently started my own rap battles, which are iheld on my Instagram live. People can review past events on this on one of my Instagram pages, Qnovakain_rapbattle_wednesdays. As they say, It's lit! The viewers and opponents were amazing. I created this when Covid19 first "hit." This allowed artists and myself , to continue being active, and overall, we have fun! I wanted to create something that helped us artists stay active and partake in something that’s fun. I even gave out prizes to winners! People were thankful for my platform because I gave other artists exposure and entertained viewers during the lock-down of the pandemic. I certainly received good feedback. (To view, click highlighted link in this section or watch on Qnova’s YouTube)

 I also have a side-hustle in being a nail tech & hair stylist (specializing in braiding). This page can be viewed on Instagram at Qnova_Designs. I’ve been doing my hair since a teenager and doing nails since the pandemic. 

Short funny Story

Every other Saturday, I would go to the nail salon to get my manicure and pedicure. However, after the city was locked down in 2019, due to the pandemic, I could no longer do that and it was well “overdue” for it. Not to mention, I’ve always used gel polish for both.  You know what this means! It’s harder to take off and I really needed a fill-in! I knew that I was gifted in creating. So I was inspired to buy my own products and try it for myself. I ordered everything from Amazon. I started off with the nail drill, gel polish, and  UV light. Weeks later, I had just about everything an inside nail salon shop have, but in a “mobile” type of way. After studying and mastering it, I was ready for business!

 I’m awesome at drawing, painting and sculpting. Therefore, I have an advantage of designing beautiful nails and hair. As much as I spend money on getting my nails done, it dawns on me... Why not save money, buy the products, and become my own nail tech and hair stylist? So, I did! In fact, on the first try, I did amazing jobs at both. Currently, I travel to customers. I prefer not to work at a salon because I'd rather keep all my hard-working earnings. Now, I have clients plus, I "hook" my own nails & hair styles up!